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If you or someone you love are living with addiction, getting professional help to recover from this dangerous illness is critical to restoring well-being. Unlike other drug treatment programs, the team at Bridgeway Wellness Group, LLC, doesn’t prescribe more drugs to help you get off the substances you’re abusing. They offer a comprehensive 10-day inpatient program where they help you detox and start counseling before releasing you to an outpatient program in your community. If you’re ready to fight your addiction, call the Somerset, Kentucky, clinic or schedule a consultation online today. A regional center supporting West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio

Drug Treatment Q & A

Bridgeway Wellness

What is addiction?

If you’re living with addiction or a substance use problem, you have a brain disorder that causes the compulsive use of a substance, even if it has dangerous or destructive consequences.

Addiction causes abnormalities in your brain which distort your thoughts and behaviors, and lead to intense, uncontrollable cravings. Drug abuse can cause significant changes to your brain function, compromising the areas of your brain responsible for decision-making, judgment, learning, and impulse control.

The reason that some people become addicted to certain substances, like alcohol or opioids, and others don’t isn’t fully understood, although some research indicates that your brain may have signs of the abnormalities that are exacerbated by substance abuse. Risk factors for addiction include:

  • Genetics and family history of addiction
  • Trauma
  • History of abuse
  • Other mental health disorders

If you are living with addiction, asking for help can be challenging, but it’s critical to recovery. You would see a doctor for a broken bone or the flu. Addiction is an illness and medical treatment can help you get better.

What happens during a drug treatment program?

The team at Bridgeway Wellness Group, LLC, provides a comprehensive 10-day outpatient detox program. During your initial detox, you receive all-natural nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) therapy which improves the cellular function of your body. In addition to minimizing your withdrawal symptoms, NAD therapy provides increased energy and clarity of mind.

NAD therapy is the foundation of your program. You receive other synergistic treatment modalities, too, including:

  • Ultraviolet light therapy
  • Infrared sauna

In addition to these therapies, you also have individual and group counseling sessions, which help you address underlying issues that may have contributed to your substance abuse. You also learn techniques to help you make healthier choices instead of turning to alcohol, drugs, or other dangerous substances or behaviors.

Is there support to help me maintain my sobriety?

Yes! Once you’ve completed your recovery program, the team at Bridgeway Wellness Group, LLC, helps you transition to an outpatient program in your community designed to help you maintain sobriety and adjust to your sober lifestyle, remaining dedicated to health and wellness.

The team at Bridgeway Wellness Group, LLC, is deeply committed to helping you recover from addiction. Their compassionate and comprehensive approach is designed to give you the best chances of recovery and maintaining your newfound health and wellness.

When you’re ready to start a drug treatment program with a high success rate, call Bridgeway Wellness Group, LLC, or schedule a consultation online today.