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More than 6% of American adults have alcohol use disorder — the clinical term for alcoholism. If you’re drinking more than the recommended maximum amounts of alcohol, or if your drinking is disrupting your life, talk to the team at Bridgeway Wellness Group, LLC, in Recovery & Revitalization Center located in Somerset, Kentucky. A regional center supporting West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois and Ohio. They offer customized treatment plans to help you detox from alcohol and restore your health at a cellular level, giving you the strength and mental clarity needed to stay sober and lead a healthy life. Call or schedule an appointment online today.

Alcoholism Q & A

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What is alcoholism?

Alcohol addiction is a specific type of addiction — a brain disorder characterized by the compulsive use of a substance in spite of increasingly dangerous consequences. If you have alcoholism, you are drinking more alcohol, more often than is recommended and your thoughts and behaviors are focused on getting your next drink.

If you’re not sure if you have an addiction to alcohol, ask yourself some of the following questions.

  • Have you had occasions where you’ve drunk more than you intended?
  • Have you wanted to cut back or stop drinking, but couldn't?
  • Have you experienced strong cravings or a need to have a drink?
  • Have you continued to drink even if it’s caused problems at work, home, or with your friends?
  • Have you had withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, shakiness, and irritability?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you may have an addiction to alcohol and should talk to the team at Bridgeway Wellness Group, LLC, about how to improve your health and wellness and recover from alcoholism.

How does alcohol affect my body?

Alcoholism can cause significant changes to your brain function, compromising the areas of your brain responsible for mood, decision-making, coordination, and impulse control. Alcohol misuse over taxes your heart, liver, and pancreas and is linked to an increased risk of cancer as well as a weakened immune system.

Additionally, alcoholism causes social problems including poor performance at work or school, damaged relationships, and dangerous behaviors that can put you and others at risk, for example, if you drive while intoxicated.

How is alcoholism treated?

The team at Bridgeway Wellness Group, LLC, helps you detox from alcoholism with a 10-day outpatient program that has a high success rate. The team provides nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) therapy, which improves the cellular function of your body and minimizes withdrawal symptoms.

All-natural NAD therapy provides increased energy and clarity of mind that helps you focus on learning new behaviors and stress management techniques in individual and group therapy programs.

As your body detoxes with NAD therapy, you also receive ultraviolet light therapy and infrared sauna therapy to support your detoxification and improve your wellness.

Once you’ve completed your recovery program, you transition to an outpatient program designed to help you maintain sobriety and adjust to your new sober lifestyle.

When you’re ready to recover from alcohol addiction, call the team at Bridgeway Wellness Group, LLC, or schedule a consultation online to learn how they can help you lead a sober and healthy life.