Chronic Diseases


Bridgeway Institute-KY specializes in cellular rejuvenation, treating chronic conditions of the brain with the use of intravenous NAD+.

Through the use of intravenous NAD+, we are able to help restore brain function, specifically for people suffering from chronic illness, depression, anxiety, autoimmune conditions, and stress.

Our approach starts with a thorough assessment of the patient's physical, emotional and mental health to help us develop a personalized treatment plan, and determine what their protocol will be.

All of our treatments are outpatient in nature.

Throughout the course of treatment, patients may receive additional counseling and alternative therapies that can include everything from emotional and spiritual healing to holistic approaches like massage, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and much more. 

Our goal is to make sure that each patient’s treatment both in and out of Bridgeway program is as individualized as possible and that we do everything we can to ensure our patients’ success.

Chronic illness affects millions of people. These conditions typically do not have a cure and are managed through medication and lifestyle changes. For many people, it is difficult to do the things they enjoy and often leads to depression and a feeling of hopelessness.  

NAD+ treatment has been shown to be capable of dramatically reducing the symptoms of these illnesses by boosting the body's natural cell repair.

Long-term stress can have a negative effect on our mental and physical health. It impedes our sleep, digestion, healing and cognitive abilities. Chronic stress can be an underlying contributor to autoimmune diseases, heart disease, osteoarthritis, obesity, depression, anxiety and more.

Our NAD+ protocols can restore mitochondrial function, which boosts physical and mental energy throughout the body.

Our bodies ability to fight inflammation and repair itself declines with age. Cells rely on restorative enzymes, such as sirtuins and PARPs, to help reduce symptoms associated with aging. These enzymes heavily depend on NAD+, which is also known to decline with age. Replenishing your body with NAD+ will promote cellular regeneration through necessary repair enzymes.

It is the beginning of the healing process. At the end of treatment, patients generally report a reduction in cravings, increased clarity of mind, better problem-solving ability, improved focus and concentration, increased energy, and improved mood. 

While every treatment is highly personalized to the needs of each individual, a typical 10-day treatment includes treatment includes:

  • 10 days of high concentration NAD+ intravenous infusions
  • Upgraded nutrient and micronutrient IV infusions
  • A number of additional holistic therapies like massage, acupuncture, infrared sauna or other alternative therapies based upon what the patient needs.  
  • Personalized vitamin and mineral nutrient supplementation throughout 10-day treatment
  • Personalized nutritional protocols customized per diagnosis, healthy lunches & snacks each day
  • Mental/Emotional/Psychological counseling

The Bridgeway Cellular Detox Method is considered an acute medical procedure because the NAD+ is introduced directly into the bloodstream.  It must be administered by a medical doctor and licensed RN.

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