Michael Barr, CEO of Bridgeway Institute, located in Somerset, Kentucky, is proud to announce
an alliance between Bridgeway and Rex Chapman, Mr. Kentucky Basketball, to jointly reach out
to attack the addiction problem in Kentucky and surrounding states. Bridgeway Institute is a
premier provider of treatment for addiction, having helped many regain control of their lives.
Mr. Chapman has witnessed the benefits of this treatment program and has agreed to become
a patient advocate, helping seek out those in need. “With Rex’s help, Bridgeway will continue to
expand its reach and success in restoring lives to those struggling with addiction”, said Barr.

Bridgeway’s unique out-patient programs have shown tremendous success, both short and long
term, in the treatment of many forms of addiction, including opiates, methamphetamine,
cocaine, and alcohol. The Bridgeway protocols have also proven effective in treating
depression, PTSD, and various auto-immune conditions, all under the supervision of trained
medical personnel. The association of Bridgeway and Chapman is a major step in reaching more
of those in Kentucky and surrounding areas searching for help for themselves or a loved one.

Mr. Chapman has firsthand experience with the problem of pain pill addiction. He often states
that he knows two things really well- basketball and opioids. Rex is a former University of
Kentucky Basketball All-American. He signed with the Charlotte Hornets as the first franchise
pick (8th overall) after his sophomore year at Kentucky and was named to the 1988 NBA All-
Rookie Team. He retired from professional play in 2000 after scoring nearly 10,000 career
points in the NBA. Like many other athletes, Rex suffered injuries during his playing career. He
missed some 250 games due to injury, with multiple surgeries. He didn’t particularly use alcohol
and never took pain killers for more than a few days… until he had an appendectomy. Following
the appendectomy, he was prescribed a 30-day supply of oxycontin, 90 pills. The
oxycontin/oxycodone prescription became a multi-drug, 50 pill-a-day habit over 18 months. For
another 12 plus years, Rex struggled with opiates and suboxone abuse. Rex has been clean
since 2014 and is excited to offer help finding solutions to the opiate problem plaguing our

Rex formed the “Rex Chapman Foundation”, a 501C3 non-profit corporation, to focus on raising
funds and awareness for those fighting the drug epidemic. Bridgeway Institute is proud to be
one of the organizations Rex has deemed worthy of his support and endorsement.

For information about Bridgeway Institute-Kentucky and its program call 606-328-1720

To make a donation to the fight, go to: www.rexchapmanfoundation.org